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In an attempt to reduce the amount of unsolicited and 'SPAM' email received by our company, we are removing e-mail addresses from our published web site.

We value your enquiry, and genuine e-mails, and feel this method will enable us to deal with your enquiry efficiently.

Please use the form below to make any enquires.

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Company details in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Companies Act UK and the European First Company Law Amendment Directive December 2006

City Tours (International) Limited. Trading as YouVR.com and VR2020.com, Registered in Gibraltar.

Company Registration Number 93484

Registered Office: Suite 5, International House, Bell Lane, P.O. Box 178, Gibraltar


Business Addresses:


Stroud Villa, Winchester Road, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 3PG

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1730 260744



1690 Woodward Ave. Suite 211, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3R7, Canada

Tel:1 - 866-519-2425


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