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Create a Virtual Tour - FAQ's


Creating a virtual tour

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Uploading Still Pictures
Uploading 180 or 360 degree Panoramas
Uploading QTVR movies
Uploading Videos
Creating interactive Map with PlanCreator™
Uploading a Floor-plan or Map
Adding Hotspot(s) to Existing Hotspots ’s
Add Your Logo / Picture

Uploading Still Pictures

You can upload up to 4 still pictures per Hotspot (HS) - please see Size and Dimension(s) below for more details. Note: Ensure your images are saved as JPEG files


The pictures you upload should be no larger than 2 Mg's. YouVR™ automatically reduces the size as it is being uploaded. However, the smaller you reduce your picture(s) the less time required for you to upload. The ideal size to upload would be approximately 400 KB.


The minimum dimensions required for your pictures must be 400(Width) X 300 (Height) pixels. YouVR™ automatically reduces the picture to fit in the Picture frame cropping some of the image – if you do not want your picture automatically cropped you should crop the picture yourself to the required size above.

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Uploading 180° or 360° Panoramic Images

You can upload both 180° or 360° panoramic images. Note: Ensure your images are saved as JPEG files


Panoramic images need to be saved as 300 pixel (Height) so that they do ‘swim' around when a user is viewing them. If they are saved less than 300 pixels (height) you will not be able to upload them.

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Uploading QTVR images

You can upload Apple™ Quicktime™ VR (QTVR) images on YouVR™ as well. These ‘spherical' images give a very realistic feel for the user as if they where right in the middle of the photograph. QTVR™ image must be saved as less that 4 MB.

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Uploading Videos

You can upload video(s) as well as pictures for your Hotspot (HS). YouVR™ allows you to upload the following type of video formats .wmv. .mpeg, .avi and .flv files. Your video files will be automatically resized and converted to Flash™ video file as it is uploaded for more information see Size below.


Video files should be no larger than 8 MB. Video files that are larger than 8 MB may not upload. Please reduce your video files to 8 MB or less

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Using PlanCreator™

You can create your own floor-plan with the integrated PlanCreator™ that allows you to build a floor-plan with easy-to-use and intuitive drawing tools. The integrated Plan Creator™ allows you to create both box, circle and oval shapes, straight, vertical or freehand lines. Add text objects to your plan. Line fill and canvas colour and more.

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Uploading a Floor-Plan or Map

You can upload a © Copyright free Floor-plan or in which to place your Hotspots. Map files must be saved as JPEG files. Note: The minimum size for a map must 220 (Width) x 81 (Height) pixels.

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Adding Hotspot(s) to Existing HS's

you can add and/or link HS's within your uploaded ‘Still' or ‘Panoramic' pictures to give the user a ‘walk-through' experience or to allow the user to take a close-up look of a particular part of the image you upload. The user will then be able to view an up close shot or move forward or backwards to any of the linked HS's you upload for eg. you can link a bedroom view to a bathroom view and back again to the bedroom

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Add Profile Logo / Picture:

If you leave this empty a default YouVR™ logo will appear.

URL Web Link:

Type your link in the URL Link field. Then add a name for your link in ‘Your Website Link Name' field.

Premium Tour

Enable Comments / Blog:

Uncheck this box disable viewers to place public comments / Blogs on your tour. Check to enable.

Add your own Banner Advert:

With YouVR™ Premium you can replace the default ‘Banner' appearing on your tour. To do so simply click on the ‘Browse' button in the ‘Upload Banner' field Note: Banner sizes must be exactly 600(Width) X 100 (Height) pixels.

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