How to Make Beautiful 180° or 360° Degree Panoramic Photographs

Learn How to Create Beautiful 360 Degree Panoramic Photos in Minutes - Using Your Own Ordinary Camera - Even if You've Never Used Photo Software Before!

If you're interested in creating virtual tours on YouVR, you probably already know that a 360 degree panorama is one of the best ways to make your tour really come alive for your visitors.
Nothing else gives the same feeling of really being there like a panorama.
But do you know how to make one?
What if you could follow a simple set of fully illustrated, absolute step-by-step instructions, and learn how to shoot a series of photos, then join them seamlessly together into a fantastic panoramic scene that really gives that feeling of being there.
You can learn to do exactly that, by following the steps in this brand new e-Book:
The Absolute Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Panorama
The book includes loads of helpful tips about creating your own panoramas, as well as four complete step-by-step tutorials, with downloadable sample images, to guide you in creating different types of panoramas - including how to shoot, stitch and publish your own 180 or 360 degree panoramas on YouVR.
All you need is an ordinary camera and a special software package that's cheap and very easy to use. To learn more, visit


How to make a panoramic photograph book
Free Tutorial
Receive 6 Free tutorials from the above Guide on How to Create A Perfect Panorama click FREE Tutorial

How To Re-size, Crop or Touch-up your Photographs On-Line

View a breif four step tutorial on how to re-size, crop or touch up your still or panoramic images on-line. Resize still photos


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