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YouVR™ Premium Virtual Tour


YouVR™ Premium includes many powerful features and are completely advertising free. Additionally you can continue to modify and develop your tour adding further features as and when you want.

YouVR™ Premium £49 ( €69 Euros / $ 99 USD)

Upgrade to YouVR™ Premium and control the advertising appearing on your tour. Plus virtual tours have 9 Hotspots (HS) - or more - per tour and can be made private so only the people you want to see the tours will see them

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YouVR™ Premium

If you are a Retail Business, Tourist Attraction, Hotel, School, Manufacturing company, Hospital or Estate Agent. YouVR™ Premium gives you the ability to build the most dynamic and powerful virtual tour on the market.

YouVR™ blends intuitive and user-friendly features to allow you to create and manage the worlds most dynamic and powerful virtual tours.

YouVR™ Premium Features Include:

  • Multi Lingual
  • 8 interactive Hotspots
  • Tour Name & Sub-Title
  • Hotspot text description
  • Print File(s) – Upload your brochure, menu, etc.
  • Email Link – allows people to contact you
  • Web Link – allows you to direct viewers to your website
  • Skype – allows users to call you or instant message you
  • MSN - allows users to call you or instant message you
  • Meta Tags – for Search Engine optimisation
  • Add Sign – to draw attention to your tour
  • Category Linked – helps people find your tour
  • Public or Private Rules – for private holidays
  • Google™ Map Mash up
  • Floor plan or Map Upload capacity
  • PlanCreator™ - Floor plan / Map Creator
  • Still Image Upload capacity
  • Panoramic Image Upload capacity
  • QTVR Image(s) Upload capacity
  • Video Upload capacity
  • E-commerce ability
  • Banner Advertising
  • Private or Public Web hosting
  • Optional Blog (Public Comment) area
  • Provision to turn Comments On/Off
  • Optional Audio

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