How To Resize Your
Images and Photographs


Creating the Perfect Panoramas and Pictures
Make sure that your pictures or panoramas are sized correctly. This will ensure that your viewers will have the best visual experience of viewing your Virtual Tour.

Panorama Dimensions

How to Resize Any Image - Here’s how to resize an image to 400 x 300 pixels high to use in your YouVR Virtual Tour

1. Load up and click on the “Upload Photo Button. Then select the picture you want to resize to upload and click “select”

2. Once you picture is uploaded it will appear in your browsers window

3. Uncheck “Keep Dimensions” and type in your new dimension of 400 X 300 high and click on ‘OK’ and wait for your picture to be resized

4. Your re-sized image will appear in your Browser - click on ‘Save Dimensions’

You can change the name of your picture ‘File name’ then select the ‘Save Photo’ button and your new res-sized image will be downloaded in the directory of your choice and ready for you to use in your virtual tour.

You can use the same method to resize panoramas or any other type of images you wish.


Resizing Images

How to Create a VR Tour
For a step by step tutorialjust click on Creating a Free Virtual Tour
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